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ODOT Paint A Plow

Hiland FFA Paint-A-Plow

By: Cheryl Yoder 11/18/16


This is the second year the Hiland FFA Chapter took part in the Paint-A-Plow contest. The Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODOT) began this activity to get everyone excited for winter. ODOT made the rules for the plows by having a theme of heroes and hash tags. The Hiland Paint-A-Plow committee decided to go with the theme of Batman. On the right side of the plow there is a city and on the other side was a spotlight going into the middle. In the spotlight circle we had the ODOT symbol which is similar to a bird. Right underneath the spotlight is #ODOT Ready, and to the far left corner of the plow is #Keeping The Streets Safe. The FFA members who participated in this activity were: Kortney Schlabach, Hayleigh Scheufler, Sheila Troyer, Tallie Troyer, Ben Winterbourne, Cheryl Yoder, and Diane Yoder. Everyone who took part in this activity had a lot of fun working with fellow FFA members.



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