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Community Service

Community Service

By: Cheryl Yoder (Hiland FFA Reporter) 11/16/16

Every year the Hiland FFA participates in a community service projects. The first community service of this school year was Thank-A-Farmer. This is an activity that says thank you to the farmers, for all the work we know they do. We gave the farmers bologna and cheese that was cut into pieces, an apple, two cookies, and a bottle of Gatorade/water. Without farmers we wouldn't be alive because farmers grow crops or animals so we can enjoy life. While they work long hard hours, we can sit back in a comfy chair that was made from wood, probably from the wood industry, and a good chance it was covered with cotton to make the chair soft. While you are sitting on that comfy chair, you are eating potatoes. It’s a good chance that the potatoes were grown from farmers or even yourself. The FFA members who took part in this community service were: Sierra Conway, Hayleigh Scheufler, Parker Stutzman, Miguel Tapia, Tallie Troyer, Lexi Raber, Cheryl Yoder, and Diane Yoder. So the next time you see a farmer say thank you for what they do. I know that they will enjoy it knowing that you know how hard they work.  

Another community service the Hiland FFA Chapter participates in is Act of Kindness. During the fall, and spring we go to businesses and clean their windows. I know that the owners enjoy us washing their windows so they don’t have to take the time to clean the windows. So far we have cleaned a total of 116 windows in the town of Berlin. Also in the fall we rake leaves for people who don’t have time to get it done, or for people who can’t rake their leaves with disabilities. I know that people are enjoying us raking their leaves for them so they don’t have to. I always enjoy seeing the people who are surprised to see the FFA members who are raking the leaves for them. The FFA members who help with this community service is  Carson Feikert, Bailey Engstrom, Morgan Miller, Parker Stutzman, Brandon Raber, Lexi Raber, Cheryl Yoder, and Diane Yoder.


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