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Officer Retreat

Hiland FFA Officer Retreat

By: Cheryl Yoder 8/30/16

During the summer, the Hiland FFA officer team went to Camp Muskingum and rented a cabin for one night. Throughout the retreat the officers were divided up and had a choice of either cooking lunch, supper, or breakfast. The officers needed to clean up after the meal was finished.  Another activity was stacking cups on top of one another while only using rubber bands and no hands were allowed to be used or they would be disqualified. There were four groups of two and each person had hold of one end of the rubber band. The rubber bands were tied together so that it would hold a plastic cup for the the students to continue their tower. At the end of the game the group with the tallest tower won. The officers wrote activities that they do in their free time on balloons (one activity per balloon) to see how the officers can involve their officer duties in their busy schedule. In addition, the students worked on the calendar for the upcoming school year to plan out the year. They wrote what all the chapter does and put them into five sections: CDEs(Career Development Events), Chapter Activities, Community Service, Chapter Weakness and Chapter Strengths. Later, the officers went on an activity that requires teamwork to get through the course. The course is high ropes which is an outside activity, and consists of high events off the ground. For instance rock climbing, and zip gliding are just a few activities. Each event had a harness attached to the person so they don't get hurt. The next morning the officer team went back to Hiland and worked on officer books, and fair booth. The purpose of the officer retreat was to bond, plan for the upcoming school year, and have fun.  


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