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Officer Retreat

Hiland FFA Officer Retreat By Nikyta Engstrom, 2015-2016 Reporter

On June 29 and 30 the Hiland FFA officers had a two day bonding exercise with the help of Anna Nisley and Ms. Albright. For starters they came to Hiland High School in the morning and were given the task to create their menu for the weekend. Along with their menu they had to make a grocery list to match it, and split the menu up for groups to make the meals over Monday and Tuesday. After the menu and lists were made, they went to Troyer’s A Country Market to buy the groceries. Once through the checkout, they went out to the trucks of Ms. Albright and Mrs. Nisley to put the groceries in an ice chest and their belongings in bags for the drive in case of rain. Everyone talked and laughed on the way down no matter which truck each person was in. When we got to the cabin across the lake from the Ohio FFA Camp Muskingum, more memories were made. We got out of the trucks when we arrived and everyone unloaded and got settled in to the magnificent cabin. The first thing we did after that was unpack and goof off while the boys chose the first meal which was lunch, where they grilled hot dogs and hamburgers and made macaroni and cheese. To add a bit of flavor to the meal, they made mushrooms and onions for the hamburgers. We scarfed down the food and everyone helped to clean up afterwards.

Our first Officer Retreat assignments then began. We wrote on a poster what our expectations for the retreat were as well as a set of goals. They included, our retreat goals; goals for ourselves, for the chapter,our team, the individual officers, and a personal goal. Then we got name papers that were hung on a wall somewhere, and on those we put our officer responsibilities that we've had since our inauguration.  After we were done, we were given time to just hang out and bond. Following our bonding time, we did Parliamentary Procedure practice. All officers went through opening ceremonies, but some of us were a little rusty, then we did a main motion and a debate. We discussed what we should do as our community service project at fair. Our options included parking cars or running gates at fair for a day, we chose fair gates after a long discussion.

Debating made us quite hungry and so Regina and Tess made haystacks. While they were making that, the rest of the officers were given homework, which was to comment on one of each  officer's goals previously written on their personal wall poster. After supper we got time to get ready for paintballing and talk. Around 6 P.M. we headed down to the pontoon to ride down to Camp Muskingum for paintballing. We shot each other for three hours with the Crestview Officer Team. During the game, two kids from our team unknowingly wandered off the perimeter, but we eventually found them. After the activity ended, we went to the boat but it wouldn't start because the key was being difficult. Eventually a camp assistant got it going and we headed back across the lake to our cabin. When we got back to the cabin we all got showers and got snacks. All done with showers,  we played games then hit the sack.

    Bright and early Tuesday morning Diane, Alisha and Nikyta got up to start making pancakes, bacon and eggs. While the girls were busy making breakfast we were given a homework assignment which was to challenge each other by putting a sticky note with a challenge on it onto the fellow officers’ poster. For example, one could tell someone they needed to work on communication skills. After breakfast we cleaned up so we could start the next officer activity. The activity's purpose was to determine what all Ms. Albright actually does for our chapter. This then led us to creating our yearly calendar onto papers on the window. Alisha, our president, then gave her presentation. She talked about commitment and keeping up with officer responsibilities. Commitments will allow us to stick together as a team. As part of her presentation we played a silly game called Honey I Love You to laugh and bond together. We thought up more Community service  activities and as a group we decided to do something on National Ag Days, something for the Nursing Home and something with Earth Day Clean Up. We had lunch thanks to Anna Nisley, which was a mix of leftovers and an Amish Style Lunch.  Afterward, Anna cleaned up and we had another homework assignment; we commented on one of the other officers' challenges and how we are going to meet those challenges. Our vice president, Regina, then had her turn to present an idea for the team. The topic covered communication within our group and its importance. In connection to her topic, we played I Set My Ship A Sailing and In It I Put A(n)… to help with our communication skills and listening. After Regina was done we discussed forms of communication. Our trip then came to a close so we packed up our belongings, and went home.


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