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Officer Contract
This is the document that lists Albright's expectations for each officer. All requirements must be met as the contract states. 


Hiland FFA Officer Contract

Officer Responsibilities/Expectations

  1. Attend 90% of all FFA meetings.  Up to 2 excused absences will be accepted.  (Prior notice must be given to Ms. Albright and you are responsible for finding someone to fulfill your responsibilities during the meeting.)

  2. Have a full year of Ag class scheduled.

  3. Make FFA a high priority.

  4. Fulfill the duties of your office:

President: Preside over meetings, banquet committee chairman, promote FFA activities and SAE projects, and keep all officers on task

Vice President: Oversee all committees, fill in for President, responsible for National Chapter Award application and the Program of Activities

Secretary: Complete the secretary book and strive for a gold rating, write thank-you letters, invitations, and other letters, agendas for all meetings, take minutes at all meetings, read minutes from the previous meeting at each meeting

Treasurer: Complete the treasurer book and strive for a gold rating, record all receipts and disbursements for fundraising activities, provide a treasurer report at each FFA meeting

Reporter : Complete the reporter book and strive for a gold rating – this will require four news articles to be written and published per month in local newspapers and manage the monthly FFA newsletter, and find FFA members to write newsletter articles

Sentinel: Update monthly bulletin board, coordinate refreshments for all FFA meetings, maintain a calendar containing information about upcoming events including contests, meetings, and other activities, and  responsible for coordinating Holmes County Fair information

Student Advisor: Assist all other officers as needed, and organize recreation after meetings, encourage member participation.

Historian: Update Hiland FFA website, take pictures of FFA members in action, and assist reporter.

  1. Have your opening ceremony part memorized by the May meeting.

  2. Spend day per week before or after school working on officer responsibilities.  

  3. Attend the officer retreat.

  4. Be a positive role model for other FFA members.

  5. Be active in planning the chapter banquet.

  6. Participate in Parliamentary Procedure.

  7. Attend 90% of Hiland FFA activities.

  8. Report to the advisor at least three times a week to determine what work needs done.

If you do not fulfill these responsibilities and expectations the following plan of action will be taken to correct the situation.

  1. A conference with Ms. Albright will be scheduled.

  2. A plan will be developed to correct the situation and one month will be given to resolve any problems in fulfilling responsibilities or the officer will be given the opportunity to resign.

  3. If at the end of one month the officer has not corrected the situation, Ms. Albright will remove the officer from office. Nominations for new replacement will be taken and members vote on new officer.

I have read the above Hiland FFA officer contract and will accept these responsibilities and expectations if elected.  I understand the importance of the officer roles and I am willing to strive to fulfill them to the best of my ability.  I also understand that if I cannot fulfill these duties for any reason, I should step down from my office.

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